Courses Taken at Tsinghua

Courses Taken at Caltech:

Description 01-02 Fall: (Timetable) 01-02 Winter: (Timetable) 01-02 Spring: (Timetable) 04-05 Winter
Selected Topics in Computer Science and Economics by Professor K. Mani Chandy and Professor John Ledyard       CS 101b
Introduction to Probability Model with Applications by Prof. Emmanuel J. Candes     ACM 116  

Information Theory by Prof. Michelle Effros

EE 126a EE 126b    

Information and Complexity by Prof. Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa

CS/EE/Ma 129a      

Computing Systems by Prof. Jason Hickey

CS 134a      

Computer Algorithms by Prof. Leonard J. Schulman

CS 138a CS 138b    

Concurrency in Computation by Prof. Alain Martin

    CS 139  

Distributed Computation Laboratory by Dr. Daniel M. Zimmerman

  CS 141a CS 141b  

Networks by Prof. Steven H. Low

CS/EE 145a CS/EE 145b