Friends around the world
All in harmony
Holding hands together side-by-side
Friends around the world
All varieties
Living underneath the same blue sky
Friends around the world

-- "Friends Around the World" by Robert M. Sherman

Chang's Home

Ling's Home

Chen, Lei's Home at Wisconsin-Madison

Wu, Wen's Home at National University of Singapore

Yan, Rong's Home at CMU

Wang, Lei's Home at Tsinghua

Zhang, Miao's Home at Tsinghua

Steven's Home at CUHK

Tsinghua Alumni Pages at Ling's Home

Min-ho Sung's page at cc.gatech

Arunchandar Vasan's page at UMD 

Nevil Brownlee's page at CAIDA

Suresh Singh's page at PDX

Tian Bu's Page at UMass

John Douceur's Page at Microsoft

Marvin Theimer's page at MSR

Yu, Xinwei's Page at Caltech

Teammates in ACM/ICPC

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