İ(Chinese version)   

Oh, Kanas

river1.JPG Somewhat like Swiss

river2.JPG Running Waves-- Why not take a raft?

river3.JPG sunset on the river

river4.JPG A golden world

lake1.JPG The winding Kanas River.

lake2.JPG Shadow of Clouds

lake3.JPG A Calm Lake

lake4.JPG The winding Lake

lake5.JPG The hard-working road workers.
They lift piles of sand from the foot of the mountain...

house1.JPG Wood Houses by the lake

house3.JPG Wood Houses by the lake

dog1.JPG Lovely dog, obscure Mongolian tents, Am I in the fairyland?

bank.JPG High mountain. The plants vary to the height.

cattles.JPG Cattles by the river

moonlake1.JPG Moon Lake--The fair stepped on it, left his footprint.

moonlake3.JPG Moon Lake-- surrounded by mountains

dragon1.JPG "Go along the river. You will reach the dragon lake when you see a dragon on the water."
Finally, we arrived. It seems to be a dinosaur...:P

dragon4.JPG Bank by the dragon lake

dragon5.JPG The water never stop

morning1.JPG Kanas in the morning

morning3.JPG The sun is coming to the bench

morning7.JPG Fair Lake-- Sun is rising. Pastoral life begins...

morning9.JPG Riding along the river

grass.JPG Yaze Swamp...Looks Lovely, crosses painfully

fairlake.JPG Fair Lake-- Calmed water, busy workers building the road

hill.JPG This small path will become a blacktop. We will able to take electronic cars instead of feet.

roadman.JPG The worker building the road