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家乡肇庆 Hometown (Publish: May.16, 2001;Update:Dec.31, 2001)

晒太阳!Sunshine in South California (Publish: Jan.2, 2002; Update:Apr.1, 2002)

一休的故乡 Yixiu's Hometown:P (Publish: Jan.1, 2002)

在戈壁的那头 Trip to Xinjiang (Publish: Sep.10, 2001)

松山行 2200M! ( Publish:Jun.29, 2001)

南半球的天空 Sky in the Southern Hemisphere ( Publish:May.20, 2001)

香港印象1994 H.K. Impression 1994  ( Publish:May.17, 2001)

魔幻之旅 The Magic Trip 

ACM/ICPC之路 ACM Adventures

Life in Tsinghua University (This is a link to 9# Web)


My Cameras

I wrote a small program to make .bmp files into web files. I used it to organize the photo in Xinjiang. This small gadget is written in Delphi on Chinese Windows. ( .exe ) I really want to write a better one in Java when I have time.

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