Spirit of Horses

    In Chinese Tradition (Lunar Calendar System), there is a cycle for every 12 years. In a cycle, each year is assigned to a kind of animal: Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Mouse, Cattle, Tiger, Rabbit,  Dragon, Snake, Dog... It is said that people would have some attributes related to the animals for the years that they were born.

    This year is the year for Horse. According to the lunar calendar, I "am" a horse. The horse is so vital, always running, never want to rest...Yes, I am proud to be a "horse".:)

    By the way, the Spring Festival (New Year's day in the lunar calendar system) is coming: Feb.12. Happy New Year! -- In Chinese: Xin Nian Hao! ^-^


* Lunar Calendar System: The ancient Chinese developed an accurate calendar system thousands of years ago. The average length of a "year" equals to the "year" in the Gregorian calendar system. But the exact length change from year to year. The system came directly from the change of the moon. The length of a month exactly equals to the cycle of the change of the moon. To match the year to the earth revolution, lunar calendar has some "leap month" and "leap day" in some years. The whole system has a cycle of 60 years.